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A dedicated Sport and Country 2 Way VHF Radio for all open country applications. A compact, professional and robust hand-held Two-way radio complete, programmed and ready to go, straight from the box. Ideal for individuals and small business in the sporting and outdoor/Open Country industries, who have an open country communication need. A very compact unit, with a high specification, water/ dust and vibration resistant. UHF radios give slightly better coverage in built up areas, whereas, VHF radios, like the Sport VHF, give slightly better coverage in open country areas with fewer obstacles.


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Additional Information

• Professional 5 Watt High Power VHF

• Much greater range than any 446 Licence free

• Compact, Durable and professional

• VHF for improved open country range

• Talks to Mitex Sport, Country & Sport Xtreme

• £75 for a 5 year licence for unlimited units.

• 10 x the power of a traditional 446 Licence free radio

• Quick, easy to complete licence included in each pack

• 6-way Charger available


Pack includes: 1 x Mitex Sport VHF High Power VHF Walkie Talkie with antenna, 1 x Li-ion Battery Pack, 1 x intelligent charging pod, instruction book and License form. All pre-programmed and ready to use straight from the box. There is a very wide range of accessories available for this and all Mitex hand portables.