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Suitable for those in busy cities, busy industrial complexes, or busy retail environments, that have many other radio users. The Link is a compact, heavy duty professional two-way radio on new quieter channels.

The IP54 Rated Mitex Link is the most compact 5Watt Mitex model designed with versatility and ease of use in mind. With a 5-watt power output on UHF, the Link is a powerful, very durable and compact two-way radio that delivers clear and reliable communications in busy, demanding conditions. It is supplied pre-programmed to our new, less busy Link channels 1 to 8 and is ready to use straight from the box, with no set up required and minimal user training. The Link talks to any normal Link unit 1 to 15, but has the advantage of being able to talk to the Mitex General range on channels 9 through 15. Channels 13, 14 and 15 are common across all Mitex UHF radios, maximising usability across the Mitex range. Channel 16 offers a scan function.

Mitex Radios are widely used in schools, shops, engineering, warehouse, industry and security, as well as for activities such as hiking, cycling & Motorsport, allowing easy, clear Comms for many businesses and user groups. Existing Mitex Headsets and Antennas can also be used with the Mitex Link and a new Six Way Charger is available. Legal operation of these units requires the same Business Radio Light License as our other full power units, available from Ofcom at just £75 for 5 years; one license covers an unlimited number of handsets per organisation or user group. The license application form is included in the box and is simple to fill out.


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Key Features:

• Powerful 5-Watt IP Rated Walkie Talkies

• Ready to use ‘out of the box’

• Professional, Compact & Robust

• Water, Dust & Vibration resistant

• New quieter channels 1 through 8

• Ideal for busy locations with high radio usage

• Can talk to General’s on channels 9 through 15

• Can talk to all standard Mitex UHF Radios on Channels 13, 14 & 15

• 10 x more powerful than 446 license-free radios

• Wide range of accessories available

The Mitex Link Twin Pack includes:

• 2 x Mitex Link IP54 Two Way Radios

• 2 x Rechargeable 1300mAh Lithium Ion Batteries

• 2 x Desktop Chargers & PSU’s

• 2 x Wrist Straps

• 1 x User Manual

• 1 x License Application Form (£75 for 5 years covers an unlimited number of radios)