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Suitable for those looking for a compact, professional two-way radio to work with their existing Mitex General, General Xtreme or Mitex Pro units, or for those looking to upgrade from PMR446 Licence Free. The ‘General’ provides robust, simple to use, powerful communication to business and consumers alike and is now widely used in applications such as industry, schools, shops and warehouses as well as by consumers for hiking, cycling, motorsport etc.

• 1 x Mitex General High Power Walkie Talkies with antennas

• 1 x 1300 mAh Li-ion Battery Packs

• 1 x intelligent charging pods

• Instruction book and License form

• All pre-programmed back-to-back and ready to use straight from the box.


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Additional Information

A compact & powerful professional 5-Watt handheld radio (Walkie Talkie), suitable for most business, lifestyle and leisure applications.

• 10x More Output Power than licence free alternatives

• Powerful 5-Watt Walkie-Talkies

• Up to 10KM city use

• Up to 25KM country use

• Compact and Durable

• 6 Way Charger available

• Full range of head-sets

• Ready to use straight from the box.