The Mitex mission

Is to simplify what can be a complicated market. Mitex produces a range of high quality professional two-way radios suitable for different markets. Our radios are ready to use with each other, straight from the box. They are sold in suits, identified by the product name. General radios will talk to General radios straight from the box, Site Radios will talk to Site radios, Link to Link, and so on. This allows you to purchase more radios when needed, from any Mitex retailer, knowing they will talk to your existing Mitex units of the same suit. All Mitex UHF full power units will also talk to each other on Chanels 13.14, & 15.

If you already have other radios on your own Licence, we can of course re-programme Mitex Radios to work with your existing fleet. You will need to contact us for this service before purchase.

Generally, UHF radios give slightly better coverage in built up areas, and VHF radios give slightly better coverage in open country areas with fewer obstacles.

Mitex 446 radios are our Licence Free option, operating on a lower power output and different channels to our full power radios. Although this limits the coverage compared to full power, they are still extremely high quality professional 446 units that will outperform many other 446 radios. They do not require a Licence for most Countries in Europe. All Mitex 446 units will talk to all other Mitex 446 units, as well as many other 446 radios from other brands. However, they will not talk to any Mitex full power professional units as they are low power and on different frequencies. Mitex 446 units can be upgraded to full power on licenced frequencies if required for a small fee.

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About Mitex

Mitex (UK) Ltd has established its name in the communications market by producing high quality, high performance professional two way radios that are, “ready to use – straight from the box”. We put a great deal of care and attention into the design and manufacture of all our products and this is especially reflected in our range of high power, durable and user friendly hand-portable radios. They are manufactured to the highest standards so you can be sure of clear and reliable communications even in the harshest of environments.

We believe that identifying customer’s needs and providing the appropriate solution is key to our success and our increasing range of tailor made two-way radios offer a quality, yet simple and affordable solution to most business, lifestyle and leisure applications, making professional radio communication accessible to everyone.

Mitex also produces a wide range of high quality accessories designed to enhance the performance of your Mitex radio. Most of our accessories are compatible with all our handheld two-way radios, increasing functionality and saving you money.

In such a fast-moving industry, we understand that our attitude towards customers is crucial to our future and our friendly, experienced staff are always on hand to offer help advice and after sales care.

Mitex Radios are available nationwide from the following outlets and many more