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Customer Testimonials

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Testimonial by Steve S****ers
Subject: Mitex General

Hi, I am a wheelchair bound paraplegic and used to be a motorcycle instructor before my accident. I recently purchased a pair of General UHF Radios as a twin kit. I reasoned that as I have recently started to get out into the hills and forests near my home in my powered off road wheelchair, I might need some radio back up to the intermittent phone signal in my area. The very first time out on my own, they proved invaluable. I suffered a mechanical breakdown in the middle of the forest and had no phone signal. I used the radio to contact my partner who was at home some 3 miles away. I was able to have a perfectly clear conversation with her and was able to coordinate my rescue with perfectly clear comms at all times and some fairly extended ranges. l. I used to use Icoms and Kenwoods whilst teaching and while they were good units, they were not a patch on the quality, clarity and range of the Mitex units. Worth every single penny and without them I would have been in a serious sticky and dangerous situation. I have many disabled friends who do some serious outdoor activities. I have recommended these radios to them as essential kit. Thank you so much for providing such high quality, compact radios at an amazing price. The peace of mind they provide however, is priceless!

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