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Testimonial by Sarel Jansen, Owner of Sarel Jansen Photography
Subject: Mitex 446 - better than you might think!

We are an Interior, Architecture and Commercial Portrait photography business who time and again rely on our Professional PMR446 units for effective communication. At the top of our list of radio requirements were clear audio in and around noisy buildings and a 446 License Free option, simplifying international commissions.

Having previously opted for a set of cheaper PMR 446's we were amazed at the clarity of these Mitex units. The first time we used them was next to a big and noisy waterfall. My assistant's first remarks were: "These are incredible! You obviously get what you pay for." Due to the nature of our day-to-day work 446 radios suit us very well as we don't usually require too great a range. However, the maximum distance we've used the Mitex 446 at to date was 3km through a dense snow-covered forest, with absolutely clear audio. A lot better than the 1km and poor audio we got from our previous PMR 446's which claimed to have a 10km range!…

Last week, while shooting on location in the Alps, we spent six hours a day photographing in minus 18 degrees Celsius. Even though we were wearing very thick ski gloves, the dials were easy to adjust and locating & pressing the push to talk button remained easy. A plus point because the PMR446 units are relatively compact. Most impressive of all was the fact that the radios continued to work at such low temperatures when kept in an outside pocket or hanging from a lanyard for easy access. Quite a relief as we were away for the week and I accidentally left the chargers in the UK.

These radios are built to last as they have survived everything we've (accidentally) thrown at them. From bumpy abseiling down cliffs to landing on a unit which left a belt clip shaped bruise on my back for a week…

As mentioned before, these Mitex units play an important part in our business and we have only ever been impressed with their specs and performance. Try them; we think you will be impressed too….

Sarel Jansen Photography & Mitex

Sarel Jansen Photography & Mitex

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