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Customer Testimonials

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Testimonial by Matt Domin, Team Principal at Scruffy Motorsport
Subject: Motorsport Mitex

We were looking to upgrade our race car to pit communication equipment but we were stunned by the prices that 'motorsport' radio suppliers wanted to charge for stuff. Having previously used PMR radios with 'bike to bike' helmet headsets we were sure that the solution was out there at a sensible price.

We spoke to Mitex (UK) Ltd who were really interested in what we were doing and offered us some useful advice with our set up. We now use a pair of Mitex General 5Watt radios with Mitex helmet speaker/mic and wiring harness, allowing us to use an external push to talk button in the car along with a Mitex noise cancelling headset on the pit radio which has given us clear radio comms at every point on any circuits we've tested it on This setup has proved to easily be the equal of other teams equipment at around a third of the cost of most 'basic' motorsport kits. We are so pleased that we now run Mitex branding on the car as a 'thank you' for all the help and advice from Mitex.

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