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Testimonial by D Raynor, Samuel Whitbread Academy
Subject: Mitex General

“Team Scooby” are an electric car racing team. We are all students from Samuel Whitbread Academy in Bedfordshire and we compete in races throughout the length and breadth of the country. We are all aged between 13 and 19 and built and maintain the car to compete in the Greenpower F24 racing series.

In the past we have lost races due to poor communications between the pit and the car. Each race has 6 or more pit stops and these need to happen at exactly the right time. Using a traditional pit board or cheap 446 PMR radios was just not working for us. The drivers were missing the pit board and the “toy” radios were just rubbish on all fronts. Poor audio and very limited range.

We contacted MITEX and their technical advice and help was second to none. They set us up with a ground plane free antenna for the car and a some radios for the pit crew. We fitted headsets to all the crash helmets and now have totally reliable communications at any point on any circuit we race on. The quality of the sound is nothing short of amazing, it is difficult to tell if it is the driver of the car on the radio, or someone stood next to you!! Many other teams have asked about our radios and how we get such good quality communication when they can’t.

The radios have also found uses elsewhere in the college. They have been used during theatrical productions by the stage crew, as training radios for Amateur Radio examinations and even pressed into service on parents evening for car parking duties.

All in all, a very high performing piece of kit that is built to last. We would be lost without them now.

Samuel Whitbread Academy Electric Racing Team

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