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Customer Testimonials

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Testimonial by Laurance Ha****k, Senior Youth Worker at The Boath
Subject: Mitex General

We recently purchased a set of 8 Mitex General Radios and Earpieces for our organisation which provides free activities and holidays to young people in the Blackpool Area. We use our radios in some of most normal conditions and some of the most bizarre conditions. However, the most impressed we have been with the radios is when we were camping in Clithereo and one of our staff drove to Blackburn and we could still communicate between each other! We use our radios when we're walking around the streets, cycling - even canal boating! We've had up to 10 miles apart and still working. What fantastic devices these are. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. We use our earpieces for one of our youth clubs which has very loud music and a lot of young people - there is a need for good security. The earpieces provide crystal clear quality delivered straight into the ear and ensures that we can upkeep the safety of our youngsters.

Thank you and well done Mitex!!!!

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