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Customer Testimonials

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Testimonial by Spencer S*******e, Venue Security Services
Subject: Door Security

After 10 years working in the Security industry I recently set up a new Security firm in the north of England providing Door Staff to the license trade and static guards to the local authority.

In my years in the industry I have used Motorola, Icom, kenwood and many other makes of radio. I never seemed to have a problem with any of these units until now! One of our contracts is to patrol the town canter night and day and no mater what make of radio we used we couldn't communicate with our staff if we were at opposite ends of the town, the distance is probably just over a mile of dense retail and residential buildings. One evening while trying to solve the problem we stumbled across a few reviews of the Mitex range of radios. At first we dismissed them because they seemed too good to be true, fantastic range, great build quality and a low, low price, this just could not be correct we thought. However, after reading more the very next day we took a trip to our local retail park and bought a set of two General Radios from the Mitex range to give them a go. To be honest at around 150.00 for two radios we didn't really hold out much hope as we usually pay in excess of 340.00 per radio in the Motorola range, but we had to give them a go for ourselves because of the rave reviews we found on forums. After a full charge of around two and a half hours we took to the streets with the Mitex General radios, two Motorola GP340 (licensed) and two Kenwood TK3201(unlicensed) and to our surprise the Mitex out performed both of the big brands hands down. After been flabbergasted at how easily these radios out performed the others we decided to really push them to there limits and see what they could really do, we took to our cars and drove in opposite directions. We eventually gave up with over 4 miles between us from one side of the town to the other, we simply could not believe it. If anyone is thinking of buying these radios please do not be put off by the low price or because you have not heard much of the brand as we nearly did. You will NOT be disappointed I will bet my last dollar on that. I would say within the next few years you will see many Motorola and kenwood units being replaced with Mitex, these big companies who charge exuberant prices for there products simply won't be able to compete with the quality, performance and price of the Mitex units. Thanks for a great product.

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