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Customer Testimonials

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Testimonial by D Raynor, Samuel Whitbread Academy
Subject: Mitex General

Team Scooby are an electric car racing team. We are all students from Samuel Whitbread Academy in Bedfordshire and we compete in races throughout the length and breadth of the country. We are all aged between 13 and 19 and built and maintain the car to compete in the Greenpower F24 racing series.

In the past we have lost races due to poor communications between the pit and the car. Each race has 6 or more pit stops and these need to happen at exactly the right time. Using a traditional pit board or cheap 446 PMR radios was just not working for us. The drivers were missing the pit board and the toy radios were just rubbish on all fronts. Poor audio and very limited range.

We contacted MITEX and their technical advice and help was second to none. They set us up with a ground plane free antenna for the car and a some radios for the pit crew. We fitted headsets to all the crash helmets and now have totally reliable communications at any point on any circuit we race on. The quality of the sound is nothing short of amazing, it is difficult to tell if it is the driver of the car on the radio, or someone stood next to you!! Many other teams have asked about our radios and how we get such good quality communication when they cant.

The radios have also found uses elsewhere in the college. They have been used during theatrical productions by the stage crew, as training radios for Amateur Radio examinations and even pressed into service on parents evening for car parking duties.

All in all, a very high performing piece of kit that is built to last. We would be lost without them now.

Samuel Whitbread Academy Electric Racing Team

Testimonial by Sarel Jansen, Owner of Sarel Jansen Photography
Subject: Mitex 446 - better than you might think!

We are an Interior, Architecture and Commercial Portrait photography business who time and again rely on our Professional PMR446 units for effective communication. At the top of our list of radio requirements were clear audio in and around noisy buildings and a 446 License Free option, simplifying international commissions.

Having previously opted for a set of cheaper PMR 446's we were amazed at the clarity of these Mitex units. The first time we used them was next to a big and noisy waterfall. My assistant's first remarks were: "These are incredible! You obviously get what you pay for." Due to the nature of our day-to-day work 446 radios suit us very well as we don't usually require too great a range. However, the maximum distance we've used the Mitex 446 at to date was 3km through a dense snow-covered forest, with absolutely clear audio. A lot better than the 1km and poor audio we got from our previous PMR 446's which claimed to have a 10km range!

Last week, while shooting on location in the Alps, we spent six hours a day photographing in minus 18 degrees Celsius. Even though we were wearing very thick ski gloves, the dials were easy to adjust and locating & pressing the push to talk button remained easy. A plus point because the PMR446 units are relatively compact. Most impressive of all was the fact that the radios continued to work at such low temperatures when kept in an outside pocket or hanging from a lanyard for easy access. Quite a relief as we were away for the week and I accidentally left the chargers in the UK.

These radios are built to last as they have survived everything we've (accidentally) thrown at them. From bumpy abseiling down cliffs to landing on a unit which left a belt clip shaped bruise on my back for a week

As mentioned before, these Mitex units play an important part in our business and we have only ever been impressed with their specs and performance. Try them; we think you will be impressed too.

Sarel Jansen Photography & Mitex

Sarel Jansen Photography & Mitex

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Testimonial by Matt Domin, Team Principal at Scruffy Motorsport
Subject: Motorsport Mitex

We were looking to upgrade our race car to pit communication equipment but we were stunned by the prices that 'motorsport' radio suppliers wanted to charge for stuff. Having previously used PMR radios with 'bike to bike' helmet headsets we were sure that the solution was out there at a sensible price.

We spoke to Mitex (UK) Ltd who were really interested in what we were doing and offered us some useful advice with our set up. We now use a pair of Mitex General 5Watt radios with Mitex helmet speaker/mic and wiring harness, allowing us to use an external push to talk button in the car along with a Mitex noise cancelling headset on the pit radio which has given us clear radio comms at every point on any circuits we've tested it on This setup has proved to easily be the equal of other teams equipment at around a third of the cost of most 'basic' motorsport kits. We are so pleased that we now run Mitex branding on the car as a 'thank you' for all the help and advice from Mitex.

Scruffy Motorsport 1   Scruffy Motorsport 2

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Testimonial by Bubble Productions
Subject: Bubble Productions Recommend Mitex

Bubble Productions used our Mitex General two way radios whilst filming and were so impressed they sent us this video review:

Testimonial by James *******, Combat Paintball Ltd
Subject: Mitex Radios

We found the radios to be easy to use and very clear. Did exactly as it says on the box!
Testimonial by Ray ******, Hardings Coaches
Subject: Mitex General UHF Radios


I recently purchased 2 mitex general uhf radios for use around our yard, the quality is excelent and very robust.

Testimonial by Scott P****
Subject: Mitex General UHF Radios

I want to let you know i am very happy with these radios. I used the pmr446 before but now wont go back, these Mitex radios have a brilliant range, are very well built, love the charger pods that come with the General UHF ones i bought. My friend is going to get the 5W Security UHF Two-Way Radios now after seeing my ones for his large club come pub for the door men. Highly recommended and very reliable, thanks for a great product.
Testimonial by Susan S******
Subject: Mitex General

Excellent radios

I have used the 5W General UHF Two-Way Radio Twin Pack for radio club and hiking very clear brilliant range as had used the motorola ht750 radios before and now will not go back to them as these are much better in my opinion thanks mitex for great radios simple to use, and nice drop in chargers with them to. beats the pmr446 radios any day.

Testimonial by Scott ******, SJR EXECUTIVE TRAVEL LTD
Subject: Mitex Radios Prove Themselves

I have recently purchased four mitex radios and can not fault them. We had previously used motorola but have now switched to mitex with a further order of 16 radios. They are simple to use and lightweight. We have used them in all sorts of events and range around 7 miles with no problem at all. Excellent product.
Testimonial by Bill ****, Production/Engineering & Site Manager
Subject: Mitex General

I bought of your new "Mitex general two-way radios" yesterday and I wanted to say how impressed I was by their performance and sound quality, Our company was using Motorola CP040s which are heavy and bulky, but these new Mitex are half the weight half the size and better in transmit and receive, Our business operation is on a 9 acre site and within some very large steel constructed buildings with metal roofs. The Mitex general has no problems sending and receiving crystal clear signals in this difficult industrial environment.
Testimonial by John Patrick F*****
Subject: Mitex General

Hello, I bought a set of Mitex General UHF radios after trying many other types of radio on the market. My work is as a Plumbing Contractor here and the main use for these radios is for General maintenance and installation work around a 1 to 2 mile radius here in killorglin town. I've also used them at fairs here and as I go hill walking and cycling at the weekends they are ideal for that also as the range is far better than any PMR446 radios that I've used in the past. The Mitex units have turned out to be the best 2 way radios in every way in my opinion and the reception and range has been second to none. I think there great radios and I will be ordering more of these units in the near future and I am highly recommending them to my friends here. These radios are probably the best purchase that I have made in a long time and I want to thank you for supplying such an excellent product at such a great price, I Highly recommend them,well done Mitex !.
Testimonial by Steve S****ers
Subject: Mitex General

Hi, I am a wheelchair bound paraplegic and used to be a motorcycle instructor before my accident. I recently purchased a pair of General UHF Radios as a twin kit. I reasoned that as I have recently started to get out into the hills and forests near my home in my powered off road wheelchair, I might need some radio back up to the intermittent phone signal in my area. The very first time out on my own, they proved invaluable. I suffered a mechanical breakdown in the middle of the forest and had no phone signal. I used the radio to contact my partner who was at home some 3 miles away. I was able to have a perfectly clear conversation with her and was able to coordinate my rescue with perfectly clear comms at all times and some fairly extended ranges. l. I used to use Icoms and Kenwoods whilst teaching and while they were good units, they were not a patch on the quality, clarity and range of the Mitex units. Worth every single penny and without them I would have been in a serious sticky and dangerous situation. I have many disabled friends who do some serious outdoor activities. I have recommended these radios to them as essential kit. Thank you so much for providing such high quality, compact radios at an amazing price. The peace of mind they provide however, is priceless!
Testimonial by Laurance Ha****k, Senior Youth Worker at The Boath
Subject: Mitex General

We recently purchased a set of 8 Mitex General Radios and Earpieces for our organisation which provides free activities and holidays to young people in the Blackpool Area. We use our radios in some of most normal conditions and some of the most bizarre conditions. However, the most impressed we have been with the radios is when we were camping in Clithereo and one of our staff drove to Blackburn and we could still communicate between each other! We use our radios when we're walking around the streets, cycling - even canal boating! We've had up to 10 miles apart and still working. What fantastic devices these are. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. We use our earpieces for one of our youth clubs which has very loud music and a lot of young people - there is a need for good security. The earpieces provide crystal clear quality delivered straight into the ear and ensures that we can upkeep the safety of our youngsters.

Thank you and well done Mitex!!!!

Testimonial by Danny ******, Silk Security
Subject: Mitex Security

I there I'm the owner of a Central London based Security company called Silk. We have recently had a number of problems using Motorola and Kenwood 2 way radios when operating on multilevel sky scrapers. The main problem we have had is the intermittent loss of comms. We decided to upgrade and look for higher power handsets. As a result we stumbled across your brand. After trying a few of your general handsets we were very impressed with the build and audio quality. The power these handsets offer has fixed the problems we were having with the Motorola's .We now have clear reception up and down 29 floors of occupied sky scraper - even better the handsets are very small and light perfect for the type of work we do. We now have over 10 units and are very happy with our purchases, incredibly these handsets are actually cheaper than the less powerful better known brands!
Testimonial by Bachi *****, Director at Petrolhead Nirvana Ltd
Subject: Mitex General

We at Petrolhead Nirvana recently purchased a number of the Mitex general units to use on our road trips for car to car communication. We used to use Cobra PMRs and then trialed some high power Motorola CP040s and other units.

However ultimately the Mitex units were far better value and performed better than anything weve used before. We were able to continue car to car conversations even when the group was spread out over a distance of around 3-5 miles and they were invaluable in helping anyone who took a wrong turn. Our clients expect nothing but the best from our road trips so we have to make sure that every aspect is covered, from route planning, hotels down to the perk of car to car communication. We like the product so much that weve ditched the trial of other units and are recommending Mitex as our preferred supplier.

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Testimonial by Mr. Jason Bicknell, Network Administrator at Loxwo
Subject: Mitex General

Hi my name is Jason Bicknell, and wow what can I say about the General UHF radios. Well to start off with they are just all round amazing, we use them day in and day out to talk to each other around the Campus & village as we run a dog walking business and a PC support business, we find when we are out in the woods or in the next village, some times our mobile phones don't work, but with the Mitex radios to hand they let us stay in contact all day. They are so light and compact and I must say I do drop mine from time to time and there is not even a mark on it, I also use them when we are laying network lines in school etc and they work well, even in the server room, all round I think they are an amazing piece of kit.

Thank you Mitex

Testimonial by Spencer S*******e, Venue Security Services
Subject: Door Security

After 10 years working in the Security industry I recently set up a new Security firm in the north of England providing Door Staff to the license trade and static guards to the local authority.

In my years in the industry I have used Motorola, Icom, kenwood and many other makes of radio. I never seemed to have a problem with any of these units until now! One of our contracts is to patrol the town canter night and day and no mater what make of radio we used we couldn't communicate with our staff if we were at opposite ends of the town, the distance is probably just over a mile of dense retail and residential buildings. One evening while trying to solve the problem we stumbled across a few reviews of the Mitex range of radios. At first we dismissed them because they seemed too good to be true, fantastic range, great build quality and a low, low price, this just could not be correct we thought. However, after reading more the very next day we took a trip to our local retail park and bought a set of two General Radios from the Mitex range to give them a go. To be honest at around 150.00 for two radios we didn't really hold out much hope as we usually pay in excess of 340.00 per radio in the Motorola range, but we had to give them a go for ourselves because of the rave reviews we found on forums. After a full charge of around two and a half hours we took to the streets with the Mitex General radios, two Motorola GP340 (licensed) and two Kenwood TK3201(unlicensed) and to our surprise the Mitex out performed both of the big brands hands down. After been flabbergasted at how easily these radios out performed the others we decided to really push them to there limits and see what they could really do, we took to our cars and drove in opposite directions. We eventually gave up with over 4 miles between us from one side of the town to the other, we simply could not believe it. If anyone is thinking of buying these radios please do not be put off by the low price or because you have not heard much of the brand as we nearly did. You will NOT be disappointed I will bet my last dollar on that. I would say within the next few years you will see many Motorola and kenwood units being replaced with Mitex, these big companies who charge exuberant prices for there products simply won't be able to compete with the quality, performance and price of the Mitex units. Thanks for a great product.