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Answers to questions from users of Mitex two way radios

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Q: Are Mitex radios programmed and ready to use?
A: Yes, all Mitex radios are pre-programmed and ready to use straight from the box.

Q: Can I add new radios to the ones I already have?
A: Yes, Mitex sells radios in model ranges such as the General, Security, Site etc. If you have for example standard Mitex General radios that you wish to add to, simply purchase some more from the General range (General, GeneralXtreme or General DMR) and they will work with your existing radios. The same goes if you have Mitex Site, simply purchase more Site's and so on.

Q: Will my Mitex 5Watt radios work abroad?
A: Mitex full power 449 radios will work with each other anywhere in the world. However, as standard they are programmed to Ofcom 'Simple UK' Licensed frequencies. This license covers the user anywhere in the UK. It is the user's responsibility to check and comply with the licensing laws in any individual country where the units might be used

Q: What do I have to do to obtain an Ofcom Business 'Simple UK' license?
A: Simply fill in the application form supplied with your Mitex Radio. Tick the top box, Simple UK Light License (Also called 'Simple UK') and send to Ofcom with your License fee. You can also apply on line at: then select: 'Online Licensing System' (remember, the license you want for standard units is the 'Simple UK' License). You can apply for an Ofcom Business 'Simple UK' License as an individual, Sole Trader, Club/Federation, partnership, Limited Company/PLC, Association, Government Body, Registered Charity, Education/School/University, NHS, Royal Charter, Religious Body etc. One license will cover you for an unlimited number of Radios anywhere in the UK and currently costs just £75 for five years (That is the equivalent to just £15 per year for unlimited users).

Q: Do I need a License for the Mitex 446 ranges?
A: No, as standard all Mitex 446 are low power License Free units. Simply purchase the number of units you need from the 446 range and use them as required. All our 446 units (446, 446/2, 446Xtreme, 446Xtreme2, 446Pro) will talk to each other straight the box. 446 is License Free in most countries within the EU.

Q: Can I increase the distance covered when traveling in a vehicle?
A: Yes, using an external antenna when operating a radio from inside a vehicle can significantly improve transmission and reception by putting the antenna to air outside the vehicle. Mitex sell two types of UHF antenna kits for use with their hand held and mobile units. The Mitex Mini Mag Kit (which uses a small magnetic mount) and the Mitex GPI antenna kit (which is a bulkhead mounted Ground Plane Independent mount). VHF kits are also available for VHF units such as the Mitex Sport & Country.

This article was published on Monday 26 August, 2013.
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